Dear JTMS Parents and Students,

PTSA would like to thank all the Students and Parents for the support that made it possible for JTMS to collect Box Tops coupons by October 20. You will be surprised how these little coupons can add up to a significant amount of money to help our school to buy new books, PE equipment, classroom supplies, iPads, etc.

For the first round, even though no class had 90% percent minimum participation to be able to win a party, we would like to congratulate Mrs. Rau’s 8th grade class for the highest number of coupons collected. We will be also rewarding one student (per grade) who collected the most coupons, by giving an opportunity to them to do the morning announcement.  

In the next Box Tops round, any classroom that collects more than four hundred (400) coupons by the deadline date will win a Popsicle Party as well as a donation to the classroom for supplies. We will be also rewarding one student (per grade) who collects the most Box Tops, by giving him/her an opportunity to do the morning announcement.

How could we earn even more? Besides cutting the coupons from the products, the Box Tops App on the smartphone is a good way to earn points as well. Ask your parents to create an account on for JTMS to be able to log into the app. You will find deals like “Buy 5 Lysol products and earn 100 coupons for JTMS”. Very simple!! You just need to scan the receipt on the box tops app by the end of this year; then write your name on the receipt, and place it inside of your teacher’s box tops envelope. If your parents or relatives buy the items listed on the app, ask them to save the receipt for you to scan before the expiration. Don’t forget to bring in all these scanned receipts (on the back write your name and the number of coupons earned with the receipt), and deposit them into your advisement teacher’s envelope.

Since Box Tops for Education sends JTMS a check twice a year, we decided to collect three times a year. The second round deadline will be on February 12, 2018, and the last round will end on May 25, 2018. Mark these two dates on your calendar.

Keep collecting coupons and deposit them into your advisement teacher’s envelopes!!!!  


If you have any questions, please send us an email at

Once again, thank you so much for your support! GO JETS!! 

Lea F. and Gizella N.
Box Tops Team -PTSA

(Click here to download this letter as a pdf document.)