JTMS has received a grant award as part of IPSF’s 2018 Innovative Grants Program. The grant recipients were recognized Monday (Feb.26.) evening at a special reception in their honor. Our school received the following grant:

Jeffrey Trail Middle School - J.E.T.setters Program (JET = Joining Everything Together)    -    $2,300.00           
Michelle Trapp* & Julianne Jong              

Program designed to cultivate and maintain a school culture where all students and families feel welcome and connected to the school and the community.

IPSF grants are funded through corporate sponsors and the Parents Appreciating Teachers and Staff (PATS) program. Parents who purchase PATS are helping to promote innovation in classrooms across the district and make grants like this possible. The PATS campaign will launch later this week; this a great example for how your (parents') support benefits our school directly! 

To learn more about this grant and how our school will implement it, we encourage you to contact the teacher(s) listed above and/or your principal for more information.

Full article: https://ipsf.net/news/ipsf-awards-160000-innovative-grants/

Photos from the grant reception: https://bkeenephotography.smugmug.com/ISPF-EVENTS/2018-IPSF-Awards-at-Taps/