Dear JTMS Community,

JTMS PTSA is having our annual Mile Run Challenge fundraiser on Friday, February 9. With the funds raised we'd like to help pay for for school programs, and provide funds for each department as well.

We have both community and individual incentives for you this year. Two advisement classes as well as high performing runners will be receiving various prizes. 

The following flyer has been distributed among the classes and should have already come home. If it hasn't, you can download it by clicking here. Please make sure that your donations are clearly labeled with your student's name and advisement class, and placed in an envelope. Advisement teachers are collecting donations each morning until February 9.

We are also in need of volunteers to help during the event. Some will be handing out markers for the students to keep track of their laps, others will record the completed laps or hand out water and popsicles. If you volunteer during the Mile Run, your child's advisement class is going to receive a donor point for each shift you help out. To sign up, please visit this SignUp Genius page: .

Thank you for all your help!